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Blease Engineering and the Environment

In 2010, we needed to replace the ageing electrics that I inherited when I took over the company five years previously.

We began with all new distribution boards but quickly realised that we had actually been given an opportunity to improve our business and do our bit for the environment.

The second stage was to install all new LED light fittings and in low use areas of the building such as stores, inspection and toilets we fitted PIR sensors, this actually made a marked improvement to our electricity usage.

2015 saw our biggest investment to date with the installation of 168 solar panels at a cost of £60,000 which will help make us energy independent within 5 years.

On average the solar panels alone save around 1500kg of carbon emissions and are the equivalent of planting five trees a month.

We have worked hard over the past five years to improve our efficiency and reduce costs, and our eventual goal is to be completely self-sufficient – we are well on our way.

The environment is very important to us as a company. To this end, we have researched and implemented the usage of more environmentally friendly lubricants and cutting fluids.

Historically, engineering has been a very polluting industry, and we constantly strive to turn that around.

"I feel there is an expectation from the type of company we are dealing with or trying to win new business from for us to be trying to be as green as possible, and I think we have exceeded expectations."

2015 was a landmark year for Andrew as he celebrated 10 years of owning Blease Engineering, and a lot of differences are noticeable, as Andrew related to the  Warrington Guardian:

A lot of changes have happened within the company over the past decade. We have invested heavily in high tech machinery and we have made inroads in to high quality work with many blue chip companies. We have moved part of our business into high precision tool manufacture in the mould making and press tool manufacturing sector and this is working well for us.

I bought the company as a successful business with a history reaching back more than 20 years and some of these employees have 30 years' service. We will continue to seek improvements in efficiency and new green options.

I’m surprised more companies haven’t looked at solar panels for their power – if you can help the environment and save money why wouldn’t you?

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